Gill Farms CFG Deacon *B (pending) 

Gill Farms CFG Deacon *B (pending) 

1st Generation American Mini Nubian

DOB: 3/22/23

SS: Lil' Rascals Wesson

Deacon Carries: Buckskin, Red, Black, Moonspots 

CAE Negative December 2023

Deacon is a buck kid I sold in early 2023. I wanted to keep him but I had enough bucks. Fast forward to the end of 2023 and due to no fault of his own his owners were looking to rehome him. I was very happy to have the chance to bring him back into our herd. His dam, Loreta should earn her milk star in 2024. I had some health issues arise in 2023 that prevented me from continuing milk testing. But she was milking 10-13lbs up until I dried her up.  Deacon brings together all the best genetics in my herd. my best standard nubian milking doe, and my best mini nubian doe Sprite and her son Gabe. I am very excited to use him in 2024 and possibly might see some 2023 breedings with him!