Incentive Program

Our new incentive program can be used to buy a Gill Farms Goat! 

The following recognition rebates are available:

Those who purchase an Gill Farms registered animal (as noted on registration paperwork) and participate in DHIR, L/A or show (or all 3) are eligible for the following:

Completed lactation record (milk test) $25 for completing, an additional $25 if achieving a star (for a possible total of $50)

LA (Linear Appraisal) $25

Shows - GCH $25, RGCH $15, V-GCH $20, V-RGCH $10 (V=virtual shows sponsored by MDGA or TMGR - and must be verifiable through either.)

For those who have purchased an Gill Farms registered animal from me in the past, you can participate as well.

The purpose is to recognize the efforts of those who spend the time and money in the promotion of an animal they have acquired from my breeding, and therefore are contributing to the promotion of my program.

Offer is valid for those who have purchased an Gill Farms bred animal. Any other animal purchased from me, but not of my breeding, is not eligible (but you might want to ask the breeder to think about it)

Incentives can either be put towards a purchase of a goat or other products or a check will be mailed.