Sales Policy

Thank you for your interest in purchasing from Gill Farms! Our goal is for you to have a positive and memorial experience! To accomplish this goal, we have put forth a few sales policy and rules for you to agree upon before purchasing from Gill Farms.

No question is too silly to ask.

We work with our animals every day, spend hours with each one, Have hands on them multiple time a day. So, we know them more than anyone else. Although we try to describe our animals to the best of our ability in photos and comments, it is best for you to just let us know what your goal is! This will better help us pick the animal that is best suited for you and your family.


All animals will be considered for sale until I receive the deposit agreed upon (usually 50% or $100) This deposit is nonrefundable unless something happens to the animal causing death or inability to breed. We hold the right to retain any kid from any breeding as we see fit for our farm and future breeding programs. In which case we will refund your deposit or hold it for a future kid. Deposit payment methods: Cash, check, PayPal, Venmo. All PayPal fees must be paid for by the buyer. You can send deposit as friends and family and there will not be any PayPal fees. Any returned check will receive a $25 charge.

Costs responsible by buyer

We test annually for CAE and are happy to share those results to you. Results are also posted under each animal's information page. We only test animals that are at least a year old. If additional testing is desired by the buyer, health papers for shipping, other shipping costs, then the buyer is responsible for all costs associated to these things.

We only test yearly for CAE. CL and Jones are known to throw false positive. We will test any animal that has any signs of either disease or a lump in a CL spot. But blood tests for either disease just aren't accurate enough for us to justify the costs of these tests. If buyer wishes for these tests to be done to the kids dam and sire, then the buyer will be responsible for the additional testing and shipping costs to the lab.