Thank you for your interest in our herd! Below are the breeding plans for fall 2023. Please message us with any questions, and don't forget to review our Sales Policy

Mini Nubians


First doe retained
Second doe reserved

 These will be F6 mini-Nubians who if meet the requirements, will be PurebredMini-Nubians.  Any does from sprite who earn their milk star from either MDGA or TMGR will be a 2*P/ 2*D since Sprite has her milk star.  I am line breeding Sprite to her son, Gabe. I think this will produce some excellent kids who will prove themselves in the milk pail and show ring. 

   These will be F2 mini-Nubians who will be experimental mini-Nubians. 

   These will be F2 mini-Nubians who will be expieremental mini-nubians


First doe retained


   These will be F7 mini-Nubians who if they meet the reqirements will be purebred mini-nubians

Amercian Nubians

Purebred Nubians



First Doe Retained

First Buck Retained